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Adding Widgets

In this video, we’ll show you how to add a widget in WordPress and how they can be used to easily add blocks of content to your site’s sidebar or footer.

Widgets are actually snippets of code that allow you to display blocks of customized information in your theme’s sidebar or footer. Adding widgets is easy, and they can be used to display your most recent posts and comments, archives, categories, or links in your sidebar or footer.

Covered in this video:

  • What are widgets, and how do they appear on your website?
  • How to add and edit widgets using the Appearance > Widgets sub-panel.
  • How to rearrange the order of widgets in the sidebar of your site.
  • Using the Customizer to add or edit widgets with real-time preview.
  • Making the most of multiple widget areas.
  • NEW! The all-new Text, Image, Audio, and Video widgets.

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