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Jetpack Subscriptions lets visitors to your site sign up to receive notifications of your latest posts and comments.

To enable this feature, go to: Jetpack Settings > Engagement and turn on Subscriptions. You’ll see an option to add a “follow this blog” link below the comments area, as well as enable a message to receive email updates about comments as well.

Once enabled, you can add a Blog Subscription widget to your site by going into the Customizer, finding your widget area and searching for the Subscription widget. You can customize each option to your liking and now users will easily be able to subscribe to email updates from your site.

Once someone subscribes, they’ll receive a message to confirm their subscription. Once they do that, they’ll begin receiving email updates anytime you publish new content on your site.

Each email will also contain links to unsubscribe or manage their subscriptions.

If you’re familiar with other email marketing services, it’s important to know that you cannot customize how these emails look. However, if you’re looking for an easy way for people to receive email notifications of new posts, check out the Jetpack Subscriptions feature.

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