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Custom Content Types

Custom Content Types enables you to add new types of content on your site like a Portfolio, Testimonials, or just about anything else you can imagine!

Often when working with WordPress, you might like to extend beyond just Posts and Pages as content types. Jetpack Custom Content Types lets you easily add new content types like: Portfolios, Testimonials, Simple Food Menus, and Comics.

To enable Portfolios and Testimonials, you can simply go to: Jetpack Settings > Writing and enable the Custom Content Types feature. Once you enable this feature, you can choose to enable either Portfolio Projects or Testimonials, or both.

Once enabled, you’ll see new menu options in the WordPress navigation menu to add and edit Portfolio items as well as Testimonials.

In this video, we’ll take a detailed look at each of these. Then we’ll also look at how to setup the Menus and Comics content types as well.

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