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Beautiful Math

The Beautiful Math feature in Jetpack lets you use LaTeX markup for writing complex mathematical equations, formulas, and more.

The Beautiful Math feature for Jetpack allows you to write complex equations, formulas and more using LaTex, an international standard for writing math.

To enable Beautiful Math, go to Jetpack > Settings > Writing and enable the Beautiful Math feature. You can visit the Jetpack support documentation to see examples of LaTex in action as well as some ways to customize the style.

To write Beautiful Math with LaTeX, head over to your content area and start with a dollar sign and the word “latex” all written together: latex x=\frac{y+1}{z-2}$

At the end of the equation, be sure to add another dollar sign to signify the end of the LaTeX equation.

When you preview this on your site, you’ll see the formula displayed how we would expect.

We assume that if you need a feature like this, you already know LaTeX. However, if you do not yet know LaTeX but need to write mathematical or scientific formulas, it would be worth looking into learning some more LaTeX.

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