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Site Verification

Site Verification establishes your site’s authenticity with external services like Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Center, and Pinterest.

The Jetpack Site Verification feature allows you to easily let other services (like Google, Bing or Pinterest) know that you do, in fact, own your site without having to edit code.

To enable this feature, go to: Jetpack Settings > Engagement > and turn on Site Verification.

Then, you’ll see the three verification options. This feature is only really helpful if you are connecting with these three specific services: Google Webmaster Tools, Bing, or Pinterest. When you’re going through that confirmation process, these sites will give you a bit of code to add to your site to verify you are the site owner.

You can take the code that they provide you and add it to the appropriate field here. Once you do this, you can return to the service you’re using and let it know that you have added the verification code.

Again, this is only a feature that you would want to enable if you are using one of these services and they are requiring you to verify your site. However, if this is the case, enable Jetpack Site Verification to verify your site without having to edit code.

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